A BASH function that should be built-in.

The create directory command, cd, is one of those commands that I use almost every day on the command line. I realized after listening to a recent podcast 1, I should look at how many keystrokes I do and where I can make things more efficient.

function mcd() {
mkdir $1
cd $1

One extra character in the command to create a directory not only creates the new directory but then changes into that directory. 2 This saves at least 4 keystrokes each time I create a new directory!

  1. Pretty much any Back to Work episode where they talk about TextExpander 🙂

  2. Which is what you do almost 100% of the time when you create a new directory.

WordPress Development Made a Little Easier

Found this article and decided to give it a go.

Wow, setting up a development environment with VirtualBox and Vagrant was quite easy. I had to fix up my Homebrew install because I haven’t gotten around to reinstalling Xcode after my new install of Mavericks. The command brew doctor was run many times to get it working 😉

Jason gets the ball rolling with the install of Vagrant and VirtualBox using Brew and Cask, then 10up’s instructions to get the dev environment setup are very straightforward.

I can now happily mod my theme(s) for work and test in a nice safe, sandboxed location.

Have a Happy New Year everyone.