Office Pong

One of the guys here in the office brought in a Christmas tree and suggested we all add to the decorating with computer stuff. Cables, disks, mice, etc. We we have another guy that has collected a lot of old computer paraphernalia, so put the two together and this is what you get:

"The ghost of christmas computer past"

Notice under the tree many relics of computing christmas past. And you might notice the Pong game on the desk. Pong was the original home computer console game – so we had to get it working on an suitably contemporary television. (“yes kids, we used to have to get up to change the channel”)  and the 1st annual Pong tournament is on!


Here are photos of some of the participants in the 1st Annual Christmas Pong Tournament!


2014-12-22 15.42.122014-12-22 15.43.212014-12-23 09.00.012014-12-23 09.55.03-12014-12-23 09.58.40


And any self respecting Pong player should be able to do this: Single-Player Pong



Merry Christmas
Happy New Year