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There I was, happily cruising through my twitter feed and I came across another gem from @TheBlogess

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and the reply is even better.

I had this ruminating in my brain for a few weeks and when my office mates and I joked about de-motivational posters for our office. I made up one with Mr. Willis. So here you go world. (oh, and screen grab of movie is copyright by someone else, of course.)


A soldiers eye: rediscovered pictures from Vietnam

“Charlie Haughey shot nearly 2,000 images between March 1968 and May 1969 before taking the negatives home. And there they sat, out of sight, but not out of mind, for 45 years, until a chance meeting brought them out of dormancy and into a digital scanner. At first, it was very difficult for Haughey to view the images and talk about them, especially not knowing the fates of many of the subjects of his photos. When the digitization hit 1,700 negative scans, Haughey put them on a slideshow and viewed them all at once, and didn’t sleep for three days after. He’s slowly getting better at dealing with the emotional impact of seeing the images for the first time in decades.”

A soldiers eye: rediscovered pictures from Vietnam – The Big Picture –

National Geographic Found

FOUND is a curated collection of photography from the National Geographic archives. In honor of our 125th anniversary, we are showcasing photographs that reveal cultures and moments of the past. Many of these photos have never been published and are rarely seen by the public.We hope to bring new life to these images by sharing them with audiences far and wide. Their beauty has been lost to the outside world for years and many of the images are missing their original date or location.

via National Geographic Found.