The Beetle

I saw a poster series somewhere in my internet travels and today during my lunch break at work I wanted to do “something creative”. I decided to make my own version of a vintage Beetle poster.

The Beetle

The Beetle

(Apologies to the person’s poster I am emulating)

Update: I found the poster series I was looking at a while ago. I am surprised how much detail I remembered from the poster.


Just to make sure I am giving credit where credit is due. Here are all the sources for the components used to make this poster:

The original photo is from the great collection of CC images over at:

Text of the poster is summarised from the wikipedia article.

The fonts used in this poster are:

  1. Title at top. A script font selected from by Qkila
  2. Body text is the free font I just found yesterday called Bebas and I linked to it in a previous post.
  3. Title at bottom. This font is the license plate font I found in the package included with the download for a Photoshop tutorial on a vanity license plate. I found this sometime in 2009. I kept the font around in case I could use it somewhere. The article is still around at PSHERO
  4. Volkswagen logo is one found at all-free-download

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  1. That’s pretty sweet!!! I can dig it

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